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Reports, videos and articles on the Makers of Boats and the Audomarois marsh

Welcome to our press area, which some also like to call News room!

You will first find in this space our press releases, but also a list of press articles and videos/reports highlighting the Boat Makers, their workshop, the construction of bacôves and escutes as well as the Audomarois marsh.

As the last boat makers in the Audomaroise region and as guarantors of the conservation of this tradition, but also as lovers of the marsh, we are very often asked to bear witness to the history of Saint-Omer and the marsh. Thus, this section cannot include all the number of articles highlighting our activity and our projects.

Do you want to make a report on the Audomarois marshes, our passion and our constructions? Send us a message via the classic form or contact us at
We will be happy to share our passion with you and with the public.

Press Releases

The written press talks about us!

The Boat Makers on TV!

Boat makers press releases:

Press kit “Special visits for teachers in partnership with La Grange Nature”

Find HERE our press kit concerning our partnership with EDEN 62 and La Grange Nature. On Wednesday afternoons in November, La Grange Nature and Les Faiseurs de Bateaux organize educational tours for teachers in the region. Our goal? Promote the Audomarois marsh to schools and co-construct school outings centered on environmental awareness and the discovery of the wonders of nature.

Artwork gallery:

Press kit “Loire Festival 2019”

Find HERE our press kit concerning our participation in the largest river gathering in Europe with the AFMA, the Cauliflower Brotherhood of Saint-Omer, the Tourist Office and Congresses of the Pays de Saint-Omer as well than the Heritage Animation Center of the city of Gravelines.

Image gallery relating to this event (testifying to our participation in previous editions of the Festival de Loire à Orléans):

Exhibition Saint-Omer in the time of the Vikings 2017

The press kit concerning the exhibition "Saint-Omer in the time of the Vikings and the Aa Boot Fest

Image gallery about this event:

The press is talking about us!

The boat builders are going to rebuild a Cogue, a XNUMXth century boat that once sailed the waters of the Aa! They launch on this occasion an outdoor archaeological site…

Boat makers raise funds to start construction du XNUMXth century ship!

The Cigales investment club, seduced by our projects, supports our naval carpentry activity!

What do laces from Calais Noyon, Christian Dior Couture and the Boat Makers have in common? The “Living Heritage Company” label!

Boat Makers, in addition to the traditional shipbuilding business, is embarking on the guided tours of the audomarois marsh !

Robinson of the swamp turned boat-maker, Rémy Colin doesn't lose track… of the water!

The adventure of the Boat Makers began in 2007, when Remy Colin studied carpentry at the Lycée de Lumbres. He bet on rebuilding a traditional escute with his class using the last boat builder, Gérard Colin.A more than fruitful transmission of knowledge and traditions!

The boat builders on TV!

Requested on numerous occasions for documentaries and reports, our naval carpentry company is becoming accustomed to the small screen!
For the first time, the boat builders in the company of the AFMA (Association Faubourgs et Marais Audomarois) participated in the largest river gathering in Europe: the Loire festival in Orléans!

The boat builders are happy with the Audomarois marshes for the Nord department, creator of Horizon!

Remy Colin talks about his activity for labelimage!

France 3 honors boat makers and the traditions of the Audomarois marshes!

Wéo, the regional chain of Nord Pas-de-Calais, made a detour through the Audomarois marshes… Production visited the market gardeners and, of course, the boat makers!

The escute or the bacôve, the star of the marsh... by TNTWeo