Serques is a friendly village of 1200 inhabitants largely occupied by the Audomarois marsh. Indeed, it represents 42% of the area of ​​the town, or 442 hectares! It should be noted that in addition to the small canals and watergangs, the Serques marsh is crossed by two major rivers: the Muissens and the Grand Large.

In the Serques marsh, walkers can see a landscape more marked by livestock rather than market gardening. We also find isolated houses accessible only by boat. The latter are served, in terms of mail, by the last postman by boat in France.

Among the points of interest, we can mention its church, the gentle Lansbergue hiking trail, the rivers and shores suitable for vacationing... The town also includes “a restaurant at the foot of the church as well as a campsite.

The rivierette in Serques – Photo: Philippe Hudelle

The church of Serques

The presence of a priest officiating at the church of Serques goes back to 1187. The Saint-Omer church of Serques therefore has origins in the XNUMXth century, or even well before!

Today, the church of Serques takes the form of a Latin cross. Rather low (its bell tower only rises to about fifteen meters, it has only one nave. Nevertheless, the dimensions of the transept suggest the presence of three naves in the past, which is the most common with regard to the religious buildings in our regions In the Middle Ages, Flanders and the neighboring towns had churches with three equal naves called hallekerques.

Inside, the signs of the past of the church of Serques can be revealed… And dated. Some engravings indeed indicate that many elements were made in the 1813th century. Certain pieces of furniture are also remarkable: the master hotel dating from the XNUMXth century, the statue of the Virgin and the child Jesus from the XNUMXth century, the pulpit from the XNUMXth century... The only bell of the church, for its part, was melted down by the Drouot company in XNUMX. It was baptized Jeanne Thérèse in homage to her godmother, Jeanne Thérèse Réant.

Church of Serques – Photo: Philippe Hudelle

The Mill of Serques

The town also has a mill installed on private property. Unfortunately, the latter has suffered the ravages of time and is now in ruins. This yellow brick mill ceased to operate in 1951, but no longer had wings following their fall in 1905. It was electricity that allowed the grain to be ground.

The Lansbergue trail

From Serques to Tilques stretches a pleasant and bucolic path along the water's edge: the Lansbergue trail. Designed to accommodate strollers and wheelchairs, this path is ideal for family outings. In this small piece of holiday marsh, you can meet summer visitors, fishermen... To the delight of children, we also note the presence of cows and donkeys grazing peacefully in the pastures at the edge of the water.

To find out more about this little hiking trail, we have produced an article specific to the Lansbergue trail.

The ferry in the Serques marsh – Photo: Philippe Hudelle

Around the Village

Located in the heart of the Audomarois marshes, the village is surrounded by several villages, namely: Houlle, Moulle, Watten, St Momelin, Tilques and Moringhem.

Campsite in Serques

Serques has two campsites:

  • Le domaine des elms: located at 55 route de Watten. 2-star leisure campsite. Tel: 03 21 93 11 71. Site of the field of elms:
  • The Frémont campsite: located at 7 Watten departmental road, the Frémont campsite has the 2-star leisure label. Tel: 03 21 39 86 55
Frozen Serques marshes - Photo: Philippe Hudelle

Restaurants at Serques

Where to eat in the Serques marsh? The village includes a restaurant located at 1, rue de la Mairie: Chez les Tontons. A popular restaurant in the marshes, distinguished by its family atmosphere and traditional cuisine. Tel: 0 3 61 23 93 37

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