Boat maintenance, restoration, repair

Tarring, caulking, sealing, repairing parts… We are specialists in traditional wooden boats!

Boat maintenance, restoration/repair

Repair of a wooden boat, a bacôve or an escute, restoration of any type of river boat

The life of a wooden boat invariably depends on its maintenance. Depending on the models (escute, bacôve, boat, etc.), it must be taken out of the water at least every two years to check the condition of the planking and to coat the hull again in order to nourish the wood.

We can ensure the maintenance of your boat on estimate.

We restore your boat

Maintenance, repair, restoration of wooden boats… Traditional construction of escutes, bacôves, fishing boats, Picardy boats and custom-made boats…

We are the experts in the field north of Paris

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A shipyard expert in traditional boats

With all the necessary equipment as well as a manual winch that can support 2 tons, we can provide any type of maintenance for traditional wooden boats on the Audomarois marsh without the need to rent additional equipment.

Our company, an expert in naval carpentry, also provides all types of boat repairs, depending, of course, on the condition of the boat.
With extensive experience in this area, we also restore many river/freshwater boats, current or historic (barques, baludequin, escute, bacôves, cogs, drakkars, perissories, flats, toue, cogs, etc.)

However, we cannot ensure the maintenance of modern boats (resin, plastic, aluminium, epoxy-treated plywood, etc.) nor the motorization.