The Grand Place of Saint-Omer

The Grand Place de Saint-Omer is the nerve center of the Audomaroise city. Located in the heart of the old town, it has many bars and restaurants and leads to all the old quarters of the city.

On the square, majestically stands the neoclassical town hall, hiding inside an incredible Italian theater with more than 300 seats. Closed to the public until 2018, the theater is getting a makeover after long decades of closure and will soon present a rich cultural program. The name of the Saint-Omer theatre? The "Coffee Mill", in reference to the nickname given to the town hall in the XNUMXth century because of its shape.

The historic heart of Saint-Omer

Saint-Omer presents a set of urban habitats whose architecture bears witness to the history of the town. Lose yourself in the medieval and winding streets, stroll along the historic arteries, look up, observe! Here a house displays a classic style, there a baroque style or a purely Flemish style! The monuments participate in the enchantment: we will cite, among others, the various churches (Saint-Sépulcre, Saint-Denis, the Immaculate Conception, the colossal chapel of the Jesuits), the courthouse, the former episcopal palace, the he Sandelin hotel, the motte castrale, the ruins of the Saint-Bertin abbey…

Also take the time to observe the old signs as well as the many facades, decorated with window keys, mascarons... An exotic walk, a journey through the ages!

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