At the heart of audomarois marshes, Immerse yourself in an extraordinary universe. In the middle of nature, discover this exceptional place (rrecognized as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO), embarking on board an escute or a bacôve, traditional Audomarois boats.

With family, alone or with friends, let yourself be carried away by the water and the sounds of the birds. Accompanied by an experienced guide, a native of the region and himself a boat builder, you will discover the inhabited marsh through the suburbs of Lyzel, also called the little Venice of the North. A district characterized by its beautiful traditional buildings and its charming bridges in a picturesque atmosphere. You will also get to know the cultivated and natural marsh. To do this, your guide will tell you the history of these places, of the city but also some legends. Meanwhile, here and there, market gardeners are busy in the last agricultural marsh in France. You will finally dive into the heart of nature, in an idyllic setting rich in fauna and flora.

On your return, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a privileged moment to meet the last boat builders. It is passionate craftsmen with unique know-how, heritage of ancestral techniques, will welcome you in their workshop. They will share their valuable knowledge and stories with you.

On certain special occasions, it is also possible to embark for an unusual experience at dusk or dawn. Moments of the day that will dazzle you because of the varied and captivating color palettes that characterize them! Unless you simply want to roam the marsh freely by renting a rowing or electric boat? It is possible too!

Practical: the boat builders welcome you in summer 7 days a week on their quays. A friendly place with bar and picnic area where a locavore spirit, zero-waste and old-fashioned life reigns.

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