43 route de Clairmarais 62500 SAINT-OMER

The natural barn in Clairmarais

A gateway to the Romelaere nature reserve

Visit the Clairmarais marsh and the Romelaere reserve with the Grange Nature

Located at the gates of the Romelaëre National Nature Reserve and on the edge of the Clairmarais Forest, the Grange Nature allows you to discover the fauna and flora of the marsh of Clairmarais, the natural treasures of the reserve, while advising you for hiking in the surroundings (Clairmarais, Saint-Omer, Nieurlet, Booneghem, etc.). The discovery center also highlights the some 50 sites managed by EDEN 62, while integrating a small shop selling local products.

Knowledgeable about the birds of the region, the guides of Eden 62 organize punctually with the Makers of Boats ornithological observation walks over the rivers of Clairmarais and Saint-Omer!

barn-nature- © FC Eden62

The Romelaere nature reserve

Gateway to the Romelaere nature reserve, La Grange nature informs you about this exceptional site.

A former peat extraction site, the Romelaëre ponds extend over a hundred hectares. They offer nature lovers a grandiose landscape made up of ponds and rivers. A marked trail allows a nature visit accessible to everyone, as well as observation posts allow you to admire nature and the hundreds of birds that have taken up residence in these places.

Visit the Romelaere on foot and the Clairmarais/St Omer marshes by boat

An idea for a school outing, in a group (associations, Works Council, companies, etc.) or with the family: crossing the Romelaere on a hike followed by a boat trip in the company of the last naval carpenters in the region!

Located about 1 kilometer from Clairmarais, on the departmental road leading to Saint-Omer, the craftsmen will share their passion with you. Visit in their company the cultivated marshes, the typical suburbs of Saint-Omer, as well as the manufacturing workshop... A unique and unforgettable half-day in perspective!

La Grange Nature – Rue du Romelaere – 62500 CLAIRMARAIS

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