School group outings in the Audomarois marsh

Reception of school groups (from kindergarten to high school), summer camps, camps and other groups of children/teens

Exotic and educational visits for children in Saint-Omer

Our workshop offers unusual activities for groups of children (school, class outings, summer camps, colonies) in the audomarois marshes. A now unmissable destination in Hauts-de-France and Pas-de-Calais (62).

With us, children have the pleasure of reconnecting with nature and old crafts through visits to the workshop and our trips in the traditional boats of Audomarois market gardeners: the escute and the bacôve. Our boat trips in the marsh of Saint-Omer are fully secure: the boats are stable, have comfortable seats, each child has an adjustable life jacket, etc.

In addition, our tour guides, knowledgeable about the marshes, know how to adapt perfectly to make the walk educational and to involve the children. The latter will discover in particular the marsh, the birds, the fish, the work of the farmers... The visit of our workshop for the construction of escutes and bacôves is also intended to be educational and fun. The children will discover woodworking, the manufacture of boats, the history of boats...

Educational workshops for children on the theme of boats, water and agriculture

We also organize mini workshops for children, pedagogical and educational. These workshops are linked to the school programs from cycle 1 to cycle 3, with the themes of the boat, flotation, rafts….

A river construction site full of surprises

Discovering the last shipyard of Saint-Omer

The boat builders were also children (yes!). From a very young age, they liked to travel the marshes in boats. They also wanted more than anything to build some.

By dint of hard work and perseverance, they became the last shipwrights of the Audomarois. Today, they are happy to share their story and their knowledge with children!

Organic fields around the quays and the Workshop

Our partnership with a market gardener in organic farming cultivating on site finally allows us to offer workshops adapted to the history of vegetables, the life cycles of plants, the life of the market gardener, vegetables and food... An introduction to understanding nature and its ecosystems from 4 years old.

This workshop for small market gardeners allows children to learn about fruits and vegetables while having fun… But not only! Visiting the fields allows everyone to awaken their senses. Sight, smell, touch, hearing… Here we decipher nature and even taste edible flowers!

For the older ones (from cycle 3 to post-baccalaureate classes), Loic Boulier adapts to the public and deepens certain themes according to the age and orientation of each: the action of pollinators, the interest of creating a soil living, ecological alternatives for growing vegetables, the economy of agriculture...

Meet a market gardener

A modeling workshop

The studio for budding artists

Benoit Eeckeman, a sculptor by trade, joined the boat makers in 2018. He offers modeling workshops for students from cycle 1 to 3 that can be combined with visits from the Boat Makers. In his company, young budding artists will express their creativity by reproducing marsh animals or vegetables on clay. 

Here we reveal artistic talents while allowing students to understand the subject.

Our workshops can be coupled with the activities of our partner

The Nature Barn

La grange nature offers ornithological workshops adapted to the different cycles: a complement to our visits!

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They loved it!

Our cruises and visits to the Audomarois marshes? Our visitors talk about it best!


Walk in the swamp

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Hello, It was a great family discovery among the family of "boat makers". I strongly recommend, Visit the market garden marshes, you will discover a surprising atmosphere very close to nature over the water. Nadine, her grown children and her grandson.
Nadine – October 28, 2021


Guided tour

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Hello, A wonderful moment, a very warm welcome. An excellent guided walk and the discovery of the last "boat makers" of the marsh. I highly recommend. With family and your pet 🙂 he will be welcome 🙂🙂🙂
Michael – October 18, 2021


Unusual cruise

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Hello, We enjoyed this time spent with you, very good organization. Pleasant welcome, superb walk in the marsh with a very good guide in love with the Marais who knows how to pass on his passion. Came with Breton friends, they left delighted with the day.
Bertrand – October 30, 2021