This May 25 for Mother's Day, everyone on our quays for a Jazz & Blues evening (among others!)

On the program from 19 p.m., opening act for GSM Trio, a Lille Jazz Band brimming with creativity! In the second part, our open-air estaminet will welcome the Loriot group with its jazz and rock repertoire.

GSM Trio

GSM Trio is a jazz group from Lille (trumpet, double bass, guitar) which revisits French songs, swing standards and more current titles. Practicing accessible jazz but which has not lost its soul, these 3 musicians will show you all the colors of improvisation!


Oriole: also called golden blackbird, this bird with a singular song dreams of making crowds dance. Nourished by earthly wisdom and overseas blues, he sings sometimes in French, sometimes in Walloon and three musicians lend him voice on stage. Loriot's songs have rock and jazz in them, but only get angry on special occasions. The Pixies, Joao Gilberto, Alain Bashung have been there, and also Jean-Sébastien Bach, Ali Farka Touré and Bob Dechamps.

To come – practical information

Meet behind 43 route de Clairmarais in Saint-Omer in the Lyzel marsh Here is a short link to find us:

Small meals on site (no reservation required) or regional menu by reservation – free entry

To reserve your seats with a front row menu (go to May 25, then choose the service at 19 p.m.):

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