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The House of the Battle of Noordpeene

Discover the battle of 1677 which brought Saint-Omer under the French crown. 

Discover the history of the Battle of the Peene

The Boat Makers and the House of the Battle of Noordpeene are two complementary tourist destinations and activities to be carried out in Audomarois and Flanders! Discover with the Makers of Boats the history of the Audomarois marsh, the history of the local boats and the traditions of the marsh. A dozen kilometers from Saint-Omer, on the edge of the marsh, continue your historical visit by discovering the Battle of the Peene, the capture of Flanders by Louis XIV as well as the revolt of the beggars, shaking our territory in the past!


A museum in Noordpeene

Noordpeene was, in 1677, the scene of a key battle in the history of Flanders, which became French at its end: the Battle of the Val de la Peene, also called the Battle of the Peene or the Battle of Cassel.

The Flemish barn-like museum, opened in April 2007, presents a large 12m² model of the battlefield of the Peene where William of Orange and Louis XIV fought.

Enthusiasts present through this model and exhibitions the context of the battle, daily life in Flanders in the 18th century and the revolt of the beggars. A cinema space also presents films on this subject.

The visit to the Maison de la Bataille de Noordpeene is pleasantly prolonged by walking through the village and the circuit of the battle located between Noordpeene and the neighboring village: Zuytpeene.

The museum also has a small educational garden with many medicinal plants, wild plants, aromatic plants and a small vegetable garden.


This space dedicated to the history of Flanders is run by passionate volunteers who speak French and Dutch.

The reception is likely to provide you with all the tourist information allowing you to discover the territory of the Westhoek.

The House of the Battle of Noordpeene offers individual visits, group visits and school discoveries. This atypical museum faces a free car park with 100 spaces.

The House of the Battle – 200 Rue de la Mairie, 59670 Noordpeene – 03 28 40 67 36