43 route de Clairmarais 62500 SAINT-OMER

The Marais House in Saint-Omer

Pier and museum of the Pays de Saint-Omer Tourist and Congress Office

A door on the marsh of St Omer and Saint-Martin-lez-Tatinghem

Inaugurated in 2013, the Maison du Marais de Saint-Omer is a gateway allowing everyone to discover the Audomarois marsh and its riches. Partner of the Makers of Boats, the Maison du Marais presents, through its temporary and permanent exhibitions, an additional visit. This allows you to better understand this natural site created by the hand of man, recognized by UNESCO.

Idea/good plan: visit Saint-Omer and the Audomarois marshes by opting for two complementary activities. Discover the wild and cultivated marshes by boat, the suburbs and their history with the Makers of Boats, as well as the techniques for making market gardeners' boats: the escute and the bacôve.

Within the Maison du Marais, an original, playful staging and a scripted route allows you to discover the traditions, trades, fauna and flora of the marshes.


The temporary and permanent exhibitions of the Maison du Marais

In addition to the regularly renewed temporary exhibitions, the Maison du Marais de Saint-Omer offers you a unique tour including videos, models, sound animations and aquariums. This will transport you to the heart of the Saint-Omer marsh! This permanent exhibition spanning 500m2 is translated into English and Dutch.

Group activities with the Boat Makers and the Maison du Marais

We offer, in partnership with the Maison du Marais, unique and unusual outings, including a lunch on the water! This visit accessible for groups of 20 to 60 people allows you to discover the eastern marsh, its wild and cultivated part, the suburbs of Lyzel and Haut-Pont, as well as the western marsh and its inhabited part. The four-hour visit also allows you to visit the workshop and shipyards of the last boat builders in the area, as well as the Maison du Marais museum. Finally, a break on the water, aboard a traditional bacôve, will be an opportunity to have lunch in the heart of nature and savor local specialities!

School activities in the Saint-Omer marsh

Les Faiseurs de Bateaux and the Maison du Marais each offer fun and educational visits for groups of schoolchildren, including a school pack suitable for classes ranging from the middle section to the sixth. Children will be able to discover the trees of the marsh, their functions and their uses, as well as the construction of boats. A unique visit integrating into school programs, focusing on the themes of the tree, materials, buoyancy, geometry...

The House of the Marais – 36 Avenue du Maréchal Joffre, 62500 Saint-Omer – 03 21 11 96 10