Do you know the historical secrets of the town of Saint-Omer? Test yourself with these 10 questions.

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Are you knowledgeable about Saint-Omer and its history?

Test your knowledge on our first quiz on Saint-Omer, its monuments and its history!

Which king entered the cathedral of Saint-Omer on horseback?

When did the consolidation of the Audomarois marshes take place and the creation of most of the paths that we know today?

What were the stones of Saint-Bertin Abbey mainly used for after its destruction?

When did the tower of Saint-Bertin Abbey fall?

The last of the Merovingians, Childeric III, was sent in 751 to the abbey of Saint-Bertin in Saint-Omer (formerly Sithieu). How did he end his days in the Audomaroise city?

The order of the temple was said to have been co-founded in 1118 by a Champagne man (Hugues de Payns) and an Audomarois. Was it:

The Carolls, among the founding fathers of the United States, completed part of their schooling during the 1740s at the Jesuit college of Saint-Omer. It was about :

What world-famous musical work would have been inspired by a melody played on the organ of Saint-Omer Cathedral?

In what year was the construction of the old town hall, housing the famous Italian theatre, completed?

What nickname did the chronicler Jean Froissart give to the town of Saint-Omer in the XNUMXth century?

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