Salperwick was before the French Revolution the seat of a lordship. Today, this small tourist village in the summer includes 140 hectares of marshes, which represents 35% of its territory!

The village has many islands in the marsh populated by secondary houses, a beautiful white stone church, an old castle...

As far as nature tourism is concerned, in Salperwick we find picnic areas in the marshes along the Grand Large river (accessible by boat). It is also in Salperwick that many visitors flock to discover the Western Audomarois marshes, via the landing stage and the restaurant “Au Bon Accueil” and the “Coin rêvé”.

The marsh in winter at Salperwick – Philippe Hudelle

Salperwick picnic areas

Along the open sea, we find two picnic areas where it is good to land. These grassy areas equipped with picnic tables are conducive to idleness and country lunches with family or friends.

Only accessible by boat or canoe, Salperwick's picnic areas feature wooden docks and mooring rings.

The Grand Large at sunrise – Philippe Hudelle

Salperwick Castle

Also called "Saubruit Castle", Salperwick Castle dates from the 30th century. A country residence for the monks of Saint-Bertin was attested at this location from the 2001th century. But a fire destroyed the old castle in the XNUMXth century and the building was not rebuilt until the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries. Today, the entire building, the elements of interior decoration, and the park have been registered by decree since May XNUMX, XNUMX. Please note: Salperwick Castle is private property and cannot be visited.

At the good reception

Au bon Accueil in Salperwick (29 rue du Rivage Boitel) is a bar-restaurant located by the water, near the Grand Large.

It is also a pier where you can rent a rowing boat or an electric motor boat. It is also possible to enjoy a guided tour of the West Marsh aboard a passenger boat.

Welcome to Salperwick – Philippe Hudelle

The dream corner

Located at the edge of the Grand Large, the Rêvé corner constitutes, with the Bon Accueil, one of the landing stages of the western marsh. This allows you to rent canoes, motorboats and rowing boats to criss-cross the rivers of the Salperwick marsh.

The events that marked the history of Salperwick

  • Saubruit Castle, or Salperwick Castle, housed Henry VIII of England on August 9, 1513. Landed in France via Calais in June 1513, he was then on his way to the siege of Thérouanne.
  • On May 17, 1791, Lazare Carnot married in Salperwick with Sophie Dupont de Moringhem. Opportunistic, their trousseau and household furniture was quickly put together by buying the furniture from Salperwick Castle. The latter had become a national asset with the Revolution.
  • Salperwick Castle hosted Napoleon Bonaparte for two nights between August 26 and 28, 1804. He was then passing through Saint-Omer to review the garrisons.
  • The son of King Louis-Philippe 1st, the famous Duke of Orléans, went to Salperwick in 1840. He was visiting an experimental Texel sheep farm belonging to a certain Monsieur Marescaux.
Little house on an islet in Salperwick – Philippe Hudelle

Around Salperwick

What are the towns surrounding the Salperwick territory?

Around the village of Salperwick, we find three communes of the Audomarois marshes, namely, Tilques, Saint-Martin-lez-Tatinghem and Saint-Omer. The territory of Salperwick also touches that of the village of Zudausques.

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