The lighthouse café – Restaurant in Saint-Omer

A restaurant near the Audomarois marshes and the boat makers

A refined brasserie in the city center of Saint-Omer

The Lighthouse in Saint-Omer is an Audomaroise institution! Formerly a café, the Lighthouse has been transformed into a restaurant where you can eat well!

The products are local and fresh, the cuisine is refined and the atmosphere is there! Icing on the cake, the prices are really affordable. In short, a good address to spend the evening with family or friends, but also for a romantic date with your loved one...

Located at the bottom of the rue de Dunkerque in Saint-Omer, between the Faubourg du Haut-Pont and the Grand'Place, the Phare café is less than 2 km from the boat makers.

On the menu
What do we eat at the Lighthouse café?

At the Phare café, enjoy fresh, seasonal cuisine, concocted according to the chef's desire and inspiration. Thus, at the Phare café, no extension card. Depending on the arrivals and the day of the week, taste the salmon risoto, homemade lasagna, prepared meats… Everything varies and everything is delicious!

Some dishes remain on the menu all year round. This is particularly the case for the croques-monsieurs well garnished with Chimay cheese, homemade bruschetta and other delicacies that come with a mixed salad and large fresh fries.

For dessert, the choice is also there: gourmet coffee, tiramitsu… etc.

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126 rue de Dunkerque 62500 Saint-Omer


Phone: 03 21 38 29 40


Opening times/days

Tuesday to Thursday 12 p.m.-14 p.m. 19 p.m.-21 p.m.

Friday and Saturday: 12 p.m.-14 p.m. 19 p.m.-21 p.m.

Closed on sunday and monday

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