43 route de Clairmarais 62500 SAINT-OMER

Storytelling walks

Discover the Audomarois marshes in a different way 

A walk in the marsh with a storyteller

Organized on an ad hoc basis, this unusual walk in the heart of the audomarois marshes will delight young and old!

Guided tour of the Audomarois marshes by boat and discovery of tales and legends

Board a traditional bacôve and sink into the swamp. Crossing the suburbs and the most beautiful panoramas of this natural expanse, a storyteller will tell you the legends of our region, over the water. Do you know the authentic story of Marie Grouette, or the hole in hell? In nearly thirteen centuries of history, the Audomarois marsh is full of tales and legends. Stories that we still tell ourselves from time to time by the fireside or by the riverside.

This unique walk is organized on an ad hoc basis during our events and special events. A real favorite for families visiting Saint-Omer.

In addition to the storytelling walk, we organize every Friday evening in the summer night getaways to discover nature at dusk, or walks in the early morning, to meet the fauna, flora and monuments of Saint-Omer (photographic walks on the last Sundays of the month).